Updating 50s ranch bathroom

Any renovation is daunting, and that includes making major changes to a bathroom.

Quite often 1950s ranch bathrooms are painted in an effort to tone down some of the outdated tiled walls and floors.

There were a record number of marriages in 1946 and again in 1947, and a record number of births — the beginning of the Baby Boom generation. Young couples with infants were living above garages, in spare rooms, in tiny apartments with their parents; returning veterans were forced to live in their cars. The ideal of actually owning a home was distant dream to the average wage-earner.

So in September 2011, we started renovating our little rancher…determined to remove all things “retro” from our outdated home.

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season and all that it offers.

I’ve been having a blast, from partaking in Christmas parties, plays, and dinners with friends and am thoroughly enjoying this month.

Gabbi from Retro Ranch Renovation has a fantastic Rancher Remodel to share with us…you’re going to love it!

They signed on the line August 2011 and have been working ever since…the progress pictures are absolutely amazing!

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