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A thought flashed through my mind - is it possible that such sincere admiration, acceptance, feelings between them existed only on stage?

The temperamental Sergei has fuelled further speculation by introducing 29-year-old Natalia to his Kiev-based mother Galina - to whom he remains extremely close though they were apart for much of his upbringing after he moved to England to further his ballet career - in a sign, perhaps, that the relationship is more than close friendship."My closest friends set up 200 candles and roses on the beach in Malibu and both of our families flew in from across the country," explained Wall, who enlisted photographer Lee Gumbs to document the experience."This special moment was worth the wait," Wall tells E!The best performance of the night was, of course, choreographed by Wade Robson… Some thoughts: I always felt bad for Benji‘s partners because the entire studio audience always chants Benji‘s name but not his partner’s… I’m rooting for Heidi to win the whole thing but I don’t think any of the girls stand a fighting chance… In the gallery is a NSFW picture of, as the title states, Travis Wall…

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