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The question, then, is whether Top Chef is a job interview or a game.As a TV show, it has to be the latter—a game that tries to reward the best chefs, but a game with the possibility of upsets nonetheless.After she left the show, Leah, who admits she's still friends with Hosea today, wanted to disappear from the limelight. It was a life-changing trip: not only did she score a unique set of knives, she also picked up some cooking skills from famed chef Alvin Leung. Carla Hall is one of the most recognizable alumni of the entire franchise, Leah Cohen is killing it at Pig and Khao in New York City, and who can forget Fabio Viviani? We caught up with Hosea Rosenberg, who is now living in Boulder, Colorado. Rosenberg is constantly evolving, and he is embracing Colorado.In the show's reunion episode, the footage was played back to a room full of all the contestants, including an embarrassed Leah and Hosea (who was the season's winner).They admitted that their respective relationships with their significant others ended after the infamous kiss, and even noted that they'd probably be dating if they lived in the same city.Yes, Hosea was at best a middling-to-goodish contestant for the entire season.

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TB: Follow up question: How has your life changed in the long term?However, it’s hard to argue that—based on a final meal in which she made the mistake of listening to sous chef Casey and wasn’t even able to send out a complete dessert—Carla could be judged winner of the final.And if there was no editing sleight of hand, it seems clear most if not all the judges believed Hosea’s meal was superior to Stefan’s (even Fabio, Stefan’s Euro-bro, had to agree).The New York native explains why she didn't think she deserved to be eliminated, how she became mentally spent and how her boyfriend took the news about her Hosea Considering Stefan's salmon was overcooked, how do you feel about being eliminated for your egg dish?

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