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Episode after episode featured men embodying the worst of the traits that are so commonly attributed to black women on corresponding reality programs — cattiness, dramatics, and underhanded antics for the sake of camera time and Pollard’s adoration. But the significance of New York’s run lies beyond her show’s entertainment value.

What did Pollard do for a living before achieving her presumed lifelong goal of becoming famous as a contestant on VH1’s Flavor Of Love? What did she do for a living after her most recent reality starring vehicle, the aptly titled New York Goes To Work, ended in 2009?It’s welcome change, and one that is long overdue; but while Rachel may be the first black Bachelorette of the ABC franchise, she is not the first black Bachelorette of our hearts.That is a title that is reserved for the notorious Tiffany “New York” Pollard.“I thought that all women should do Kegels,” Tiffany explained.“I didn’t know only pregnant women who had babies should do Kegels after the baby was born.” And because of that, Tiffany says she “can’t even fit a tootsie roll in.” And they said this show wouldn’t be educational!

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