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I'm sorry, it's just..." she was cut by Tom, because he knew what she's gonna say. Jana: "You're just leaving like Rhydian..." said with an angry way, because she was felling sad. Just 8 weeks away from Stoneybridge." Jana: "I know... Fast forward 5 years and I get married and firstlove is... I have to say that I am really grateful to those of you who have posted your stories before and who have had positive outcomes. It's amazing seeing how much mature he is now, and how he's still... I was hurrying as it was getting cold when I hit someone who was... Made contact with my high school boyfriend after 25 years. We talked about the past, and being together again. I recently reconnected with my first love on Facebook, I guess we had both tried to find each other throughout the years but nothing came of it until now.... Well, my story started back the summer when I was only 12 , and he 13. At that time, I was being sexually abused by a close relative and my love ran away with me ; he was trying to save me , of course we were only kids so we were found in 38 hours . who are single and seeking someone special in their life. He was persistent and kept asking me about it till... We both are middle eastern I had lots of Suitor ad eventually there was one that y parents knew his family and pressured me to marry. I woke up on the morning of my Birthday last week wondering if I was going to Hear from Her.. As the day progressed I received numerous well wishes from friends and Family... The conversations were very sexual in nature at his instigation. I also have a really bad cold so I think I was spaced out. She was going slowly to see, if it was Rhydian or something else. She came back to the coffee shop, right the time before Tom was leaving from Stoneybridge. After minutes of running, Jana stopped, because the scent was very close. Tom's dad has arrived and he honked to Tom to come inside the car and leave Stoneybridge. YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Since Rhydian left Stoneybridge to find Maddy in Canada, Jana was very sad.

Won't you say ''goodbye'' to Tom?

It's About Time is the debut studio album by American female R&B trio SWV, released by RCA Records on October 27, 1992 (see 1992 in music). Pharrell Williams performed a small rap solo on "Right Here (UK Remix)". New Beginning is the second album from R&B group SWV.

It was certified multi platinum by the RIAA for more than two million copies shipped to store. The first single, "You're the One", became one of their signature songs peaking at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart.

SWV's first single, "Right Here", was released in the fall of 1992, reaching No. Their second single, "I'm So into You", peaked at No. The second single, "Use Your Heart", saw the debut of the super producers The Neptunes.

This song peaked at twenty-two on the Hot 100 and number six on the R&B chart.

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