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Unfortunately, the controversy is being cast as Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul, rather than Grassroots vs PTB (Powers That Be): “We are currently reviewing and getting feedback from our delegates.While we are not sure how this will ultimately be received, [it] is very positive that the Romney campaign is listening to feedback from the grassroots and looking to find common ground,” said Jesse Benton, Paul’s campaign manager.Under the agreement, a bound delegate must vote for the presidential candidate that they are required to vote for under state law or state party rules, leaving the actual selection of delegates up to the states.Previously, a proposal would have given presidential candidates the power to veto delegates sent by the states — a change that had Paul supporters crying foul, seeing it as an establishment attempt to stifle the upstart contingent.

and at the same time the concern we had was addressed so that state parties have complete control of the delegates.” Bopp had blasted the Romney campaign’s original rule when it was approved, calling it “the biggest power grab in the history of the Republican Party.” He said Monday he did not know if the Paul camp would be satisfied by the changes — and didn’t care much, accusing them of “causing chaos for chaos’s sake in order to achieve their agenda. Propose a GOP rules change that appears designed to squelch any National delegates that might not be loyal to the favored Candidate and add a new rule that would allow the Powers That Be – the Republican National Committee – to make even more rules changes between the National Conventions!Comment; There's a lot more to writing persuasive messages than this, Legendary Catholic high school closes I need ideas for a Proposal Essay!- Off-Topic Discussion I need to write a proposal essay for my English Composition 1005 class.Topics include: symptoms and definition according the DSM-IV, characteristics the clinicians must be concerned with before making the diagnosis, possible reasons for the condition and treatment alternatives.Filename: [ send me this essay ] A 12 page study that presents the current literature and considers the impacts on treatment procedures.

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