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Although you might not have an e Harmony or Ok Cupid profile, you've probably tried online dating before.It can be as subtle as sending a poke on Facebook, or as direct as swimming in a girl's DMs.You can't tell if someone budgets properly through Instagram.You don't know how they treat people by how kind they are on Facetime.l will never say "online dating is against the will of God', but I will say it is always unsafe.

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Guys’ number one fear with online dating is turning up at their date and the girl is a bit bigger than her picture — chubby.If you think someone you're meeting online could potentially be God's will, please pray for discernment before rushing into something God never had planned for you I love you all.Some people will still argue, but there's my point of view on why we have to learn to be patient for God's will.You've been trying to pull a date (or more) off an online interaction.But no matter how sweet your game might be in a Facebook message, if you can't back it up in real-life, you're screwed. Either way, be happy that you're single, and actually out in the streets mingling—and, no, the e-streets don't count.

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