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" Brent choked as he watched the woman go down the the end of the hall and suddenly throw herself backwards after looking in. " "Halfway, and it was a struggle to just lay there and pretend I was sleeping and not pop a boner," Kevin told his pal. "Don't want to crush these," Kevin reminded himself as he pulled the two beige foam cones that he had found in Mandy's bra while rummaging through his aunt's undies in her suitcase. " Mandy answered, clasping her hand up to the neck of her baggy shirt. "Honestly, you've always been such a funny boy." "Not a boy any more," Kevin corrected. " "You aren't wearing them now and you look sexy as hell," Kevin related, and his aunt suddenly realized that she was bra-less with her nipples popping out into the fabric of the blouse. "Don't make me watch." "But you like to listen and you like to watch. Wrong about you for sure," Kevin said as he advanced the recording to the next part. "That's why I'm here," Kevin replied as they watched Mandy skulking around the door of Kevin's bedroom.Disclaimer: We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.

" "A little older than my mother, so I'm guessing she's 50." Kevin explained as they waited for Aunt Mindy to come out of the bathroom, and when she did her nephew provided commentary. "This was Saturday night, so unless I'm mistaken, that means my Mom and Dad are fucking," Kevin chuckled as they looked at the little woman leaning against the master bedroom door. " Brent cackled, and then roared when he saw the back of his friend's aunt's nightie rise up to expose part of her butt. "Nice ass for an old lady," Kevin buddy opined as they watched, and when Aunt Mindy was done she straightened out her nightie and went back up the hall to the guest room. That would be wrong, but I've been paying attention to my Aunt Mandy the last few years.She is young and blonde and looks like an innocent angel, but she is very experienced in sex and can do things that are sure to blow you away.She is always ready to try something new and to experiment, so her sex life gets even more exciting every...Unfortunately, a beep from the microwave wakes up their child again.Go the Fuck to Sleep was subject to an unintended viral marketing campaign after PDF copies of the book, presumably from advance copies sent to booksellers, were distributed via email.

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