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ilovekragdu asked for "gimme almost dying kraglin and how he got that huge head scar" when a mission goes wrong- yondu is left to deal with fallout.

let's just say Peter and Gamora aren't the only ones with a unspoken thing When Yondu brings Kraglin and Peter on a mission to retrieve an important piece of jewelry from a planet of bandits, Kraglin gets into trouble and it's up to Peter and Yondu to figure out how to save his life.

Along with the first mention of the Purple Children, this future introduces Jubula Pride, the Owl's daughter, who has a deep obsession with Daredevil.

With his presence on the team, Roy Thomas took a more socially conscious approach to storytelling. At its largest, the roster consisted of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, the Vision, Black Panther, Wasp, Hank Pym (first as Goliath, then as Yellowjacket and finally as Ant-Man), Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Clint Barton (as Hawkeye, then Goliath, then Hawkeye again). While the roster of the team fluctuated during this chunk of issues, it can be categorized as an era due to the bulk of these comics being written by Roy Thomas.Thomas debuted Black Panther's nemesis Man-Ape during this run and also utilized Klaw as one of the hero's signature villains. He made his debut as an android built by Ultron with the intention of using him to destroy the Avengers.Despite Ultron's insidious intent, the Vision went against his master's wishes and ended up fighting alongside the very people he was sent to destroy.

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