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Below, our guide to the best personal safety apps on the market (each link goes out to the i Tunes store, but many are available for Androids and Black Berrys, too):b Safe Download Cost: Free Additional Costs: None—earlier this year, they made the premium features free How It Works: Set up a network of your loved ones (or "Guardians") and they can "follow" you home via GPS trace.Then, if you press the app's alarm in an emergency, they'll get an alert with your exact location, while b Safe will record audio and video from your phone in case you want to present it to the police later.Magpie is a new device with a simple goal: to help you find the things you lost.The GPS tracker is only about an inch in diameter and syncs with an Android or i OS app.

The capabilities provided by the Cello Track product line can greatly increase the productivity and bottom-line of enterprises.

It used to work like this: When I had to walk through a shady parking lot or investigate a late night thump in the house, I'd dial 911 on my brick of a Nokia, thumb hovering over the rubbery green phone icon, ready.

Sometimes I'd even have a mace key chain in my other hand (a going-to-college gift from a concerned relative, as they often are).

I am a dinosaur in matchmaking speak – I met my soul mate through person-to-person interaction –but two of my siblings were young enough to be successful in the online dating field.

Of course, now even the way they met their matches is becoming old-fashioned.

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