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“if you have that it will count as your cheat meal for the week” 8. “you should try out this trainer, they will help you with your (insert area of concern)” 13. As unappealing as it sounds to sweat and pant through a workout with your significant other at your side, it certainly has its sexy advantages. “I used to beg Cass to try it countless times, but she wasn't convinced.” One day, Gonzalez took Carbajal to a free class to experience it for herself (after all, seeing is believing).Joseph Gonzalez and Cassandra Carbajal, a couple at Nova Southeastern University, have been together for over a year and work out five or six times a week together (sometimes twice a day! “When I saw all the competition, effort, skill, and determination of the athletes, I immediately loved it,” says Carbajal.If one of you is super active and athletic, chances are the other is a bit of a couch potato.If you both fill the athlete bill, pat your sexy selves on the back; half the battle is already won.

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With a degree in business management she is planning for world domination.

So what happens when a non gym junkie dates a gym junkie?

Well my friend here are some scenarios/statements that you will experience with being a gym junkie boyfriend/girlfriend…

Contrary to popular belief, gyms are actually great places to score dates. There is a big difference between effective and predatory flirting in the weight room.

To properly toe the line, real gym-going women (including me!

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