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Jesse had a longtime ambition of working at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, and joined ‘Macheart’ dating website Cupidtino mostly for networking purposes.But one user, a military man stationed in Japan, caught her attention." Profiles will prominently feature favorite apps -- and before uploading their profile pics, users will have to pose with an Apple product or in an Apple store.If you're not blinking in disbelief or your PC screen hasn't turned green with envy yet, read this: Co-founder Mel Sampat says users likely won't even be able to register for the official service unless they're using Safari on a Mac or i Phone."We're just trying to create something fun for Apple lovers -- we see ourselves as a supplement to, not a substitute for, dating sites like," says Mr. "It will likely be more casual and our demographic might be a little younger as well.""I think, in this case, it's okay that they're making it exclusive to Apple fans, because it's a micro-niche dating site," says Mark Brooks, an online dating site consultant who has worked for and e "But what's going to matter the most is not just the numbers they see, it's how active their user base is."He points out that dating sites traditionally experience peak traffic from November to February and see a lull in activity during the summer months, when people are more inclined to be outside and get away from their computers.We're not sure if this is a joke or not, but Cupidtino is an upcoming dating site for fans of Apple products.The site is currently in (closed) beta, but it has an active Twitter account which is (mostly) trying to convince people that the project is for real.The site—which can only be accessed on i Phones, i Pads, or Macs—currently boasts 35,000 paid and free subscribers, according to co-founder and CTO Amol Kelkar.

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Cupidtino is a three-person team—with backgrounds at Google, Yahoo!

Apple fanatics will soon be able to find love with others who share their Mac interests when the dating site "Cupidtino" opens to the public in June. Heaven forbid you end up with a PC owner for the rest of your life!

) that a lot of Mac owners have a similar personality and style, the makers behind the Cupidtino website have established a forum where "Machearts" can be united.

and Microsoft, but not Apple—based in San Francisco.

The subscription goes for .79 per month—a price pegged to the cost of a Starbuck’s Venti Latte—and .99 on the i Phone.

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