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Lil Mama -- the rapper behind the song "Lip Gloss" -- just got destroyed in court ... Problem is, the lawyer claims he worked for Mama until 2011 ...

Mama was sued by her lawyer -- a guy who specializes in intellectual property -- who claims he busted his butt to protect her rights to the name "Lil Mama." Kind of an important guy in her life.

[Chorus (Chris Brown):] Shawty get loose, baby do what you do, let me see you let down your hair, Shawty get loose, hit the dance floor and act like there's nobody else in hurr, Shawty get loose, crump, clown, break it on down, baby do your thing, Shawty get loose, p-h-a-t phat, baby I ain't even know you could break it down like that!

[Hook] That [x8] Shawty Get Loose That [x8] Shawty Get Loose [Verse 2 (T-Pain)] What it do, tell it to the pizzain, You already know, tell 'em I'm the mizzain, Shawty you ain't messin' with a lezzain, I'm gonna have you loose on the floor you gonna be steppin' with a cazzain, I mind boggle models, with a bottle of something good, I take 'em to the hood and have they ass going insane, A hard rapper artist that hang with singers, So don't think dis thing hard, cause homie it ain't, I'm loose loose, You gotta be kidding me, you tellin' me shawty right here can take her hair down and do it like you, you, you If all of this is true, you gotta show me what you done told me, now do it 5 4 3 2 2, You know pain came to change the game all the way from the same thing it's some of that, New new, Impress me, I want person on the floor to come test me, [Chorus (Chris Brown)] [Hook (Chris Brown, Lil Mama)] That (in the crib, in the club, to the block, it don't matter, it, it don't, it, it don't matter) [x8] shawty get loose That (in the crib, in the club, to the block, it don't matter, it, it don't, it, it don't matter) [x8] shawty get loose [Verse 3, Bridge (Lil Mama)] In the crib, in the club, to the block, it don't matter, is pit 7, 4 5 6, a doo doo dadda, How she do do do a that like that, Got the hood on the back, and the pockets are stacked, Still rolling, rolling left right, Shot calling calling that's right, With my team on the mic, to make it Bout to pop it, stop drop and roll like a hip-hop rock show, You never know where my mind gonna go, Not puerto rican but I like mango, So smooth on the dance floor Move on the dance floor When you see me coming I'm running it like a game show You ain't no little mama go She be burning and pumping and hit you with the bus flow She's hot then get loose on the floor when I cannot stop!

," Chris Brown is boosted by production from Scott Storch and an appearance by Juelz Santana.

The song's way of tempering Brown's small-town innocence with hard-edged backing and a guest spot from an MC of ill repute is clearly a strategy to make the singer appeal to more than tween girls.

[Chorus (Chris Brown)] [Hook (Chris Brown)] That [x8] Shawty Got Loose That [x8] Shawty Get Loose Beat...

Lip Gloss Get Loose Request Shawty Get Loose What It Is (Strike A Pose) G-Slide (Tour Bus) Gotta Go Deeper (Skit) Stand Up L.

singer's circle of women friends and was pictured in an Instagram snap with her arm around Tran as they partied together in Las Vegas in May 2013, wearing bikins and blowing kisses at the camera.

(Had Brown been coming up in the early '90s, Quincy Jones -- not Dr.

Dre -- might've produced him and Prince -- not Luther Campbell -- might've assisted, which just goes to show how much R&B has changed in 15 years.) Chris Brown, a durable debut album, almost always involves an even push-and-pull between what appeals to kids who don't consider street credibility and those who do, all the way down to the visuals: check the album cover, featuring the singer's strained "Don't mess with me!

'Keep killing it kiddo,' Chris, 25, admiringly commented on one of Karrueche's recent Instagram posts before sharing a cryptic message about 'looking at the world from a new perspective' on his own social media pages.

RELATED: Chris Brown Speaks Out About Rihanna Assault in New Docu Trailer According to , the model wants an increase on the ,500 a month she's receiving from the 26-year-old singer. She’s been living in California for months and has established residency there just so she could take Chris to court in LA for more child support," a source revealed.

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