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"It was just so juvenile, I was at work."And that, she said, was that."I hung up and I've never spoken to him again."But that's not to say there are any hard feelings…at least, not on her part."I do think he's a really nice guy and I think he's smart in a certain way."Considering the source, that's high praise indeed.

Could Chelsea Handler and Bobby Flay be the perfect Hollywood pairing? According to onlookers, the “flirty” pair only had eyes for each other.

Instead of inviting another cabinet official or senator to last year's White House Correspondents' Dinner, I thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit by bringing Betty White, Morgan Freeman and comedian Chelsea Handler.

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"One of his ex-girlfriends was coming onto my show."According to Handler, Fiddy wanted to give her a heads up that his ex still had feelings for him, but Chelsea had other things on her mind—namely, her job."I was like, at my job," she said.

Chelsea was tight-lipped on her date’s name, but Handler did say, “he’s in an extension of this business” – meaning show business. You’re either going to feel sorry for Bobby, shake your head in wonderment or laugh so hard your sides split.

Chelsea has never been married and admits in her docuseries she never expects to tie the knot.

With "12 Years A Slave" winning three Oscars at the awards show, Handler saw it as an opportunity to promote her new book of travel essays, "Uganda Be Kidding Me." “Congratulations #12yearsaslave Go to Africa or buy #ugandabekiddingme," she tweeted with an Amazon link to the book's page along with the hashtag, #aheadofthecurve. On "Good Morning America" Tuesday, Handler acknowledged the criticism but said it was unfounded. "If I was worried about that then I would be spending a lot of time online.

That missive, along with her comments about best supporting actress winner Lupita Nyong'o ... I'd rather be a little bit more productive." And more to the point, "I'm not racist," Handler said.

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