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Intense philosophical debate is pretty unlikely to even enter into discussion on any sort of regular basis.

So if you and your date do get into a political disagreement, you can always just agree to disagree and move onto the next topic.

, a slight but engaging book that mostly relays life lessons on how choice and freedom make the world better in just about every sphere you can imagine.

But before Scott gets down to describing the practical effects of a little anarchy on schools, roads, speeches, playgrounds, and politics, he has to disappoint the purists.

For most people, politics probably do not play a large role in their love life.

If you don’t have very strong political opinions, everything is more or less negotiable.

An anti-war liberal for example would take great offense to their girlfriend forcing them to pay for war through the tax code, and a free market Republican wouldn’t want his wife forcing him into a socialized medical system.

If our system valued compassion over domination and greed maybe I could find a mate. Athens’ own anarchist community, Bombs Away Collective, will celebrate the grand opening of its new location with a free concert featuring bands We the Heathens, The Suburbanists, The Hippie and The Punk this Thursday, June 16, at 8 p.m.Bombs Away fills a variety of roles: the group gives away books and food for free and also serves as a concert venue. While a great new one pops up every so often, independent bookstores like the formerly beloved St.Mark's Bookshop have been forced to shutter thanks to rising rents and the popularity of things like e-readers and online mega retailers.

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