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Created by an American woman and British man who fell in love, Date British is the first dating site to exclusively focus on connecting singles across the pond.

Whether you want an English gentleman or an American beauty, Date British Guys will “add international flavor to your love life” with its targeted user base and verification process, where all the men are British and it’s free for them to join.

Ben and Becca were kind enough to share with us the charming way they got together, how that led to Date British Guys, and what the site and its features are doing for American-British relations.

The first chapter of Ben and Becca’s love story began in 2005, when Becca was studying abroad in England.

Sure, they will go out for dinner and do fun activities, but it’s not packaged up in a formal and contrived manner. It’s more organic and instead of defining the relationship in order to know how to act, they let the relationship unfold and the label of boyfriend/girlfriend just naturally develops in the process. European men are comfortable with women, which leads to respect for women.

After months of getting to know each other and having fun, romantic adventures, Becca decided to stay longer than her intended four months to spend more time with Ben.

I’m not to judge that one is better than the other, and mind you, my observations are based on my own experiences as well as a group of women I’ve interviewed in the last two years.

The below is a list of some of the themes and commonalities observed.

I love our French men as long as I do not have to date them." "I don't have tons of experience with Americans, but the ones I have dated tend to be much more open about how they are feeling and what they want, which makes it easier to date. A certain degree of selfishness is essential for a well-working relationship and New Yorkers seem to have that built into their DNA." "As a general rule, Americans are not going to beat around the bush.

When they feel something, they will tell you -- whether it's that they like, want, or don't like or want something.

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