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“Her attitude was always positive, and she empowered young adults that had been bullied within the LGBT community. We worked on shows doing makeup, costumes and even setting wigs. I now have my own cosmetics store and mentor several illusionists.” The outpouring was immediate and emotional on Twitter and Facebook, where a tribute page quickly earned thousands of likes.

But there are a lot of reasons to read other than intellectual elevation. “Now go shove it into Allison Mac Kenzie,” she screamed at him.

Based on that, you'll get matches who you can swipe right (for yes) or left (for no). Javi: Well, I mean I've thought that, but I don't outwardly say it. However, on Bumble, the ball is in the woman's court. How it works: Ok Cupid is a free algorithm-based dating app. Javi: It's also kind of interesting how you can see who's looking at you.

Kirsten: Tinder is the fuckboy of dating apps for me. But as other apps have picked up, I've kinda moved on from it. After matching with a woman, it's on her to reach out and say hi. The profiles are more in-depth and require you to answer a series of questions which are then used to give you a certain percentage in which you match with someone. But once, I got in a daze answering the questions and realized they NEVER FUCKING END. Kirsten: But I hate that because I'll look at someone like six times while I'm talking to them to be like, wait, who is this again?

And then charts the disintegration of their love and sex lives. The precursor to Bridget Jones, except apparently quite a bit braver.

, but Jean Auel’s “sex-among-the-cave-people epics” (that’s Stephen King’s term) are so repetitive you probably don’t need the context of the earlier books to understand this, the fourth one.

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